Preferred Properties Landscape Lighting designer Michael Gotowala shows us a great poolscape professionally lit

Ridgefield Pool Night lighting slideshow with Em

Preferred Properties Landscape lighting designer Michael Gotowala shows us an incredible night lighting scene that distinguishes the best from the rest. A true lighting designed to illuminate all the elements at hand and draw attention to selected focals surrounding the pool. Various elements draw complexity due to the location of the fixture as well as the installation procedure. The color, contrast, and beam spray of each luminaire in coordination with all other luminaires directed at certain elements in the field bring together the lighting design. A complete 360 degree view surrounding the pool area makes for a most difficult installation.  Proper levels of illumination and bridging of light around the pool for safety are paramount. The intensity of the design using numerous lighting techniques while diminishing glare is an important challenge one must conquer. Preferred Properties Landscape lighting designer highlights the reflection across the pool water while yet making the vista from inside bright enough to make the inside and outside illumination seamless. Great coheshion between the home architecture and focal plants surrounding the pool with glareback from any fixture is the challenge.

Large green lasers shot into the overhanging tree makes the green stars appear to twinkle over the pool. A great enhancement and concept. Separate controls allow for interaction and mode setting to be brought to life with minimal ease.

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